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Everyone is entitled to happiness,looks like you have found it.Hold on to the moment and live the dream. Nice site, I may drift back this way and read your poetry, but the surf has a way of dragging me under and where I surface I never can tell. I found you through a newsgroup posting, another grain of sand on an endless beach.Au 'voir.
darryl maelzer <>
grantham, england -
Hello, i met your son online around 6 years ago... probably one of the koolest and nicest guys i've ever met, or talked to.. i wish i could still get in contact with'em some how but unlike beth im the more shy type.. so i'd rather just leave this msg... very nice page =).. have-a good one
Christopher Bradley <>
Collegeville, PA USA -
Hello! I stumbled into a newsgroup you were in and on impulse read a message you posted, saw your url, and discovered your pages of poetry! I read all your poems posted here, and will come back to read the fiction. The Broken Girl poem made me cry. I would love it if you came to visit my poetry pages too. I loved the conglomerated cats poem! The form was amazing! I'm still learning of classical structure to poems. I think my other favorite from your fun section was Nine. Keep writing,feeling, living, and sharing. Sincerely, Elise
Elise <>
Hiya LP & Mudz :) Haapy Christmas to you both, too
Geep <>
Hertford, UK -
Really nicely put together site. Reading Saga- a lovely way to start this dull, rainy Friday. I feel all happy now. Best wishes Jude
Jude <Jude>
uk -

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